10 secrets men hide from their girlfriend, wife

Every one has secrets that they keep from people, however when it comes to men, it doesn’t matter how long they have been in a relationship with you, there is a high probability that they’re keeping secrets they have not told you and they might never tell you unless you try to get them to open up.

Here are the few secrets men keep from women

1. Their work and family drama

Men have a lot of pride and they always want to appear like they have a lot of things in control. They will say everything is fine even when it’s not, make sure to ask him how he is feeling on things outside his relationship, some stress can even affect the way he’s handling you guys relationship.

2. Their browsing history or phone passwords

Even when in a relationship, most guys just don’t want you to have access to their browsing history or phone password even if their intentions are pure. They prefer you to just trust them instead of assuming the worst.

3. What their friends think of you

Of course what you your guy thinks of you is the most important but sometimes he still discuss and listen to his friends and if they don’t approve of you, he won’t be happy to share that with you.

You don’t need to know what his friends think of you anyway, his love for you is the most important.

4. When they’re depressed

Depression affect all genders and men are less likely to open up about their depression than women instead they might start to drink alcohol more, avoid intimacy and other activities you guys normally enjoy together.

If you notice your partner or any guy in your life that could be dealing with depression, it’s important to let him know you are there for him.

5. What they did last night

He might have gone clubbing or maybe he just had a late night, whatever the case may be, men don’t usually tell their partners their whereabouts the night before. Just don’t take this personal or as a reason to search their phone, it’s all about trust.

6. Their financial problems

Financial problems can make someone bad and the feeling worsens when a guy has to admit this to his partner, men like to feel like the providers and when they think they’re failing at it, they keep it to themselves to avoid feeling insecure.

7. They like to cuddle

Majority of guys won’t admit that they like cuddling, it is considered girly to them and they feel they’re only supposed to do it because women want to but actually, guys do like to cuddle, they’ll keep it a secret no matter what.

Just remember, when next your guy reaches for you first, he’s trying to cuddle not only for your pleasure but for he’s too.

8. Sometimes they just want sex

After you’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a while, sex turns into love making and it’s always enjoyable for both partners to make love slow and steady but sometimes he just wants to go straight to the point and do it.

Your guy might not admit it but sometimes regular sexy time is what he’s looking for.

9. Their friendship with the opposite sex

It’s normal to be jealous of your partner friendship with the opposite sex even if nothing is going on between your guy and his female friends, you might still be suspicious of their messages and the time they spend talking and that’s the reason men hide this aspect of their life.

10. They lie to keep things calm

Most guys tend to tell few lies as long as it maintains the peace between you guys and avoids you from becoming upset.

When a man knows what upsets you, he’ll try to keep it away from you even if it means telling a lie, just try and talk it out with him when you catch him telling a lie.

What you should know is that communication is a crucial aspect to maintaining and keeping a happy and healthy relationship.

Guys do you agree with this list and ladies which of these secrets do you think your man is keeping from you.

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