When you look back through your life, you will see that at some points in life you’ve met people who just hate you for no reason. They just hate you for nothing, their emotions can’t stand your presence. No matter how good you are, people will still hate you, anyway don’t let their hatred limit your ambitions and success.
I feel, the best way to handle these fellows is to ignore them and whenever you meet give them that passionate and infectious smile. You have probably met these individuals in your life. They come in different forms, they can be a colleague, classmate, friend to your friend, neighbor, Boss and some pretend to be your friend.
Reasons why they hate you:-

They feel you don’t deserve it: They feel your life, what you do, have or been given, you don’t deserve it. These people are always selfish, they think it should be them and not you. Their mindset is tuned in a way that they see themselves better persons than others.When they see you doing it well they will hate and detest you.

Published by Ernest I.

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