Ritual Money: The connection Between Eating Faeces, Ladies’ Panties, Human Parts and Getting Rich

People always wonder what is the connection between money ritual money, eating human faeces, ladies panties and using human part.The truth is the connection can only be found on the genesis of human creation and falling of Satan. We all know ritual money come from Satan, and it’s clear to us Satan is our greatest enemy. Why is he giving us money?

The money Satan gives human doesn’t come out of love but out of hatred and also at the cost of ultimate price (heaven).

The reason God sent down Satan from heaven is simply because he disobeyed God when he commanded him to bow for our forefather (Adam). When God wanted to cast him down he promised to mislead all the children and grandchildren of Adam from the part of God and draw them to himself. Since that time he uses all his power to downgrade human and also make them get God our creator angry.

Now back to the connection between ritual money and faeces eating and others. The truth is there is no direct connection between getting rich and eating faeces, human part , woman pantiess and getting rich, it just a ploy by Satan to either downgrade human to something worst than animal or make human get God angry before givng them the money. Before a guy can have access to a lady’s panty, it is most time after having illicit intercourse with her.Also using human part would require killing of another soul before the part could be used. All this would get God angry and make human lose eternal life for the sake of money. Though Satan utmost target is for human to lose heaven, however on the earth too he makes anybody that come to him for help to suffer also on the earth, like inflicting them with untimely death, madness, sickness, etc.

Published by Ernest I.

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