Easy Way To Identify Your Health Status By The Urine Colour

Prevention is better than cure,they say. Urine color can be one of the immediate indicator of your health conditions if keenly scrutinized.

According to the information sorted from the ABS-CBN Corporation that is a Filipino media and entertainment group based in Philippines, urine colors were tagged against their meaning in terms of one’s health conditions. Below is an elaboration of the chart the site provided.

✓Transparent urine

Transparent urine color demotes a sign of over hydration, meaning the bearer has been drinking too much water.

✓Pale yellow

This is the most common color of the urine. It means that the person is quite health with optimum hydration.

✓Transparent yellow

Urine with light yellowness still may mean you are health though the magnitude of the water in the urine is above average required.

✓Dark yellow

This signals that though the person is Normal and healthy,he/she needs to drink more water.

✓Brownish orange

This denotes that the person may be battling some liver disease unaware or he/sh is facing hydration.

✓Pinkish red

This alarms the person that he/sh might be facing some kidney disorders or experiencing UTI or rather battles tumor.

✓Blue or Green

This is very rare color to be experienced. However,when experienced,it might denote that the person is suffering from some genetic diseases.

✓Foamy Urine

Urinating foamy urine suggest to the person that he/she might be a victim of kidney infections.

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