4 Secrets America is Keeping From The World

Donald Trump, US President [Photo: Courtesy]

Like any other government on earth, United States of America may not survive world dominance without keeping some of her sensitive government information in the classified files. It is a governance principle that extremely sensitive content that is not fit for the public be kept secret.

For the interests of global peace and for the interests of America as a nation, sensitive federal information must remain top secret.

United States of America is one of the most wealthiest and most prosperous country on earth. This glorious nation is endowed with the best military and federal intelligence services in the world. The US must therefore continue to keep certain secrets for the interest of her people and for global peace.

Below are five secrets that America is keeping from her citizens and from the rest of the world:

a) Sensitive Operations of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA is a civilian intelligence agency for the Federal government of the United States. This agency is tasked with gathering, collecting, analysing and processing national security information around the world. Their primary method is the use of human intelligence.

If any nation begins a nuclear program, America will know it! How do they do this? It’s through the CIA. If any country rapidly expands its military capability, America will know it! How do they even do this? It’s through the Central Intelligence Agency.

The operations of CIA are among the most well kept secrets in the United States. To maintain her dominance and sovereignty as the superpower, America must keep the operations of her Intelligence a top secret.

b) Sensitive Details and Operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

FBI is a domestic intelligence and security service of the United States. It is also the principal federal law enforcement agency in America.

This agency is tasked with activities such as investigations on terrorism, counter-intelligence, cybercrime, public corruption, civil rights activities, organised crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes, and weapons of mass destruction investigations.

The success of this agency depends to a larger extent on its secrecy. The more secret their operations are, the more the intelligence they can gather. The American Government must therefore play it’s role in safeguarding the security interests of her people by maintaining the secrecy of the FBI operations.

c)Details of the Special Forces who took out Osama Bin Laden

If Osama Bin Laden is truly dead as we believe, then he must have been finished by special and exemplarily trained forces of the US military.

An Old Newspaper On the death of Bin Laden [Photo:Courtesy]

Details of these men who braved Osama are known only to a few living persons in the United States. Their safety and security depends on how less known they are. The government must therefore keep them from the public eye.

d) Sensitive Tactics used by the Secret Service to protect US Presidents, and Security Features of the White House

Security goes hand-in-hand with secrecy. If you reveal a tactic that you use to make yourself secure, then you will obviously subject yourself to assaults.

The US government is therefore keeping these as a secret, for the interest of her people and for the interest of the executive office of their Commander in Chief.

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