Truth about Money you will never hear

 Money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. The new crown virus pandemic has plunged many people’s lives into crisis, especially the working people. Many people’s jobs are threatened, and they face a greater threat of having no money to make a living. How can we get rid of this threat? Simple.We must first change that mentality, which has been distorted by wrong education for many years.

99% of people in this world care about money. Money is always the first thing in our minds, it answers almost all problems.

Unless the world suddenly needs to circulate another currency, such as toilet paper, you will focus on money for the rest of your life. If you are like most people, you will keep thinking about money in the wrong way.However, if your way of thinking can be changed, you will be able to make money.

One person teaches the other to have a poor mentality-I am a victim of this. Many people fall into poverty because of the fault of others. The lack of money makes it too easy for people to fall into the mentality of the poor. Poverty causes people to fall into a dilemma. Even people who were not born in poverty have not received an education on how to get rich.

You can go bankrupt, but you never want to be poor. When you have a poor mentality, you have already erected a psychological barrier for yourself, making you unable to make money because you don’t want to make money at all. Who can blame you? Of course not me.

Let me make it clear- it’s not your fault

You have been misled. The right way of thinking about money does not seem natural, because what others have taught you for most of your life is wrong. We must reach a consensus on this point. I know where you come from and why you look at money in this way, but now is the time to change.

A change in mentality is crucial to making more money

A lot of money. Everywhere. Even now.

If there is money everywhere, then why do you feel so short of money?

Others teach you to think about money in the narrowest perspective. When you get a source of income from your employer and have been in this job for many years, you see it as the only possible means of making money. Yes, the ads on Facebook that talk about how to build an online business look cool, but you don’t believe it in your heart.

You know the existence of entrepreneurs. You also know the existence of investors. But others make you believe that you do not belong to these two types of people and can only share the little piece of cake left.

So, how can we change that mentality and then see money everywhere?

Just start paying attention to how the economy works:

You are always part of the transaction. You buy what you want, value it, and the other party gets the money. Think about how many times you have done this. Do you really think you are powerless to be part of that equation?

When you buy what you want, you hardly feel that you are giving money to others. No, you will look at it from the perspective of getting what you want. If people value what you offer, they will feel the same way when they buy something from you. You dare not sell, because you don’t understand your value.

Regardless of capitalism and corporate welfare, fundamentally speaking, the exchange of goods and services improves everyone’s quality of life as a whole. The media is telling stories of this kind of scarcity. After the free market, basically anything you want can be delivered directly to your door. You can watch anything you want to see anytime, anywhere, and you can buy it. It’s something that was once a luxury item in the past.

Why can money never form a “trickle-down effect” for you?

Because you are in the wrong place in this equation .

You have to consume, buy things, and have to bear a lot of expenses to pay others, but you can only create value through one method, which is your job. Your job is not only a limited means, it is not even considered safe. As long as some variables are adjusted, your work will disappear immediately.

It is very important to understand this. You don’t actually reduce the risk when you get a job, but you increase it . Unfortunately, we are experiencing this situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just because of an accident, how many stable and guaranteed jobs were killed? And these people who lost their jobs can’t learn new profitable skills right away, so they are in trouble, and now they are short of money.

This is a lesson for you. Stay on the right side of the equation so that next time this happens, you can plan ahead.

To change your mindset, understand that of all the available capital in this world, part of what you need to live a wonderful life is actually very small.

Choose a mode and stick to it

There are too many business models that can work, especially those online.

While writing this article, I looked down at the pen in my hand. Someone, somewhere who is not well-known, may be worth millions just because of the company that produced this pen. Just make a pen.

When you change from a producer to a consumer, and understand that you can use the set of skills you have cultivated now or in the future to make a service or product, you have already laid the foundation for making more money.

What is the most difficult part of this mentality change?

The main problem you will encounter comes from the social conditions of money, especially when you get the money.

You see, if you want to get a lot of money in the future, you have to sacrifice a bit, and don’t think about making money in the first place. We call it frontloading. Ah, was it so bad in the beginning? No one knows who you are, and no one trusts you enough to buy things from you or consume your content.

Your skills may not be at home or smart enough to achieve your goals. In order to develop these skills, you must at least do some work ahead of time. Don’t expect anything in return for doing this.

And, most importantly, you have to make sure you have food. You want to resign, but if you want to resign, you must first have two jobs.

Want me to give you the best advice? Just spend one or two hours a day, slowly and gradually, and it will work in a few years. If you can concentrate, the time required will be even shorter.

Find a path that works for you and stick to it. Concentration is the hardest part. The steps involved in the initial investment are not difficult, but when doing each step, it is difficult for many people to continue without seeing the return.

But once your hard work starts to pay off, once you can make any money in a passive or expandable way, you will become addicted. You will see that income is really gold everywhere.

Let money be money

When you let one of the revenue streams begin to flow, you will begin to notice that there are other revenue streams available, and then start investing money in these earning channels.

You will understand why the rich get richer and why in the past when you couldn’t find money, it seemed to them that there was gold everywhere. Dangote and Otedola will continue to create sources and means of income. That’s it. Once you start this operation yourself, you will realize how limited your view of money is.

I’m not rich yet though, but I will, because I saw so many opportunities to make money, I realized that this is just to slowly capture more value, and then put the captured value into other things that can generate value It’s just something. This is how this game is played.

The truth about money

Most people know everything I just said. Although we say that this society lacks financial knowledge, everyone actually knows how to make money-at least some vague basic knowledge is available.

Money has nothing to do with what you know:

The financial industry talks too much about what to do, but not enough discussion about what happens in your head when you want to do it.

You have to train your thinking and realize that money is everywhere, because the training you received in the past is the opposite. You have a big confirmation bias to correct. And, as I said before, your best chance is to gradually change this mentality.

When you have no money, it is impossible to completely believe that money is enough. Therefore, you must first start by developing profitable skills. Then you start to make a little money. It is enough to see that you can earn money without working.

I started a business early this year, February to be precise.The money I was making at the beginning can hardly make a Change . But what I see is the seed of another income stream, which is what I like to do and make money.

Of course, most people cannot do it. Fortunately, you are not one of these people.

It’s time, now.

Can you make money skills? Then learn something. Use your downtime to plan, plan, learn, and then turn these skills into money. Don’t think like a poor man. No one is destined to be poor all their lives.

Can you get rid of that mentality? It depends 100% on you.

When you see any product or service, you should think about substituting it, which links you can participate in and are profitable. After finding this link, focus on training the core skills needed in this link every day, and use this skill to build a service or product in the future, you can make money 💰

I wish you a Safe Escape from the Poor Mentality

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