10 Most Lucrative Livestock Farming Businesses You Can Establish in Nigeria and Africa

10 Most Lucrative Livestock Farming Businesses You Can Establish in Nigeria and Africa

I love any business that has to do with agriculture. As I have always said, since people must eat, anyone who is involved in the provision of food related products will always be in business. Also , most agricultural businesses are not capital-intensive and they have an available market.

In addition, Africa is a developing continent and many agricultural businesses can be started in small quantities and do not require the use of high-quality machinery.

The following livestock businesses are among the most profitable pet breeding entries.

1. Poultry farming – This is the most common livestock farming in Africa and has empowered many people financially, in rural and urban areas.

Many business opportunities in poultry farming, including poultry farming, egg production, the establishment of a breeding ground, poultry production and much more, make poultry farming very profitable.

2. Goat farming – Goat meat is popular with many people in Africa because of its unique taste. Goat farming is a good aspect of raising livestock with high hopes of making money. This can be done in small or large quantities. In rural areas, many families keep goats in their backyards. However, you can go above and beyond the standard of living by setting up a larger goat farm.

3. Fish Farming – This is one of the best livestock markets available, low start-up costs and high income prospects. Catfish breeding is the most common fish farming in Africa. You can start a small business by setting up a fish pond using a 1,000-liter open plastic container. Find out how to start a catfish farming business.

4. Raising cattle – Cattle are kept for meat and milk. This is a very lucrative business as cattle provide a lot of edible meat in Africa.

In Nigeria cattle rearing is mainly done by nomadic farmers who roam the land with their cattle in search of pasture.

However, cattle farming is as well done on the farm as it is in Europe, the Americas and other continents, as it helps cattle to grow better, reduces the pressure on farmers and cattle, provides greater security for cattle and prevents cattle disputes from destroying human fields by eating crops.

5. Pig farming – Pig farming is profitable. If you doubt this you can read the story of Anna Phosa, who became one of Africa’s largest pig farmers by starting her own pig farm with only four kids. Today, his pig farm has about 30 employees and provides buyers with over 100 pigs every week.

The good thing about pigs is that they breed a lot of kids and the pig is popular with many Africans.

6. Raising snails – This is not a popular way to raise livestock because few people are in it. This gives the business very little competition or not for you.

Snails are expensive and scarce in our markets and hotels.

However, people buy nails no matter how expensive they are because of their high price of healthy food. See how you can start making money like snail farming today.

7. Breeding for dogs – Dog meat is popular with many people, especially in Southern Nigeria. However, most people do not keep meat dogs. Dogs are kept mainly as pets and for safety reasons.

When I bought a safety dog ​​recently, I was surprised by the high cost of dogs, especially foreign breeds such as German shepherd, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Pit bull etc.

You can get into dog breeding and sales. This is a very lucrative business. You just keep dogs and sell puppies and keep some of them for sale when they are older.

8. Beekeeping – Honey is expensive in many African countries because very few people are involved in beekeeping. This is a business you can consider as there is very little competition in this business. However, you need training before you start.

9. Rabbit farming and grass cutting – This is another very competitive business. Rabbit and grass cut meat are popular with many people. You can sell your grass and rabbit cutters at restaurants and hotels and directly to consumers. See a detailed guide to growing grass cutters.

10. Sheep farming – Like goat farming, sheep farming is a very profitable livestock business as it gives the farmer a good income by selling animals for the purpose of selling meat or wool for use in the textile industry.

Livestock farming is one of the highest paid in Africa. You can sell your animal product at local markets to buyers, sellers and distributors. You can meet with hotel and restaurant managers and offer to cater for them. You can try any business on a small scale and before you start a bigger one.

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