7 Signs you will become a great man.

See 7 Signs You Will Become A Great Person In Life.

Anyone who desires greatness in life can achieve it, if he or she is willing to work it out. A lot of persons are still wondering if it is possible for them to become great in life.

In this article, I will show you seven signs you will become a great person in life. If these signs are there, then greatness is certain for you.

1) You are born again and walking in the Spirit of God.

2) You have an undying passion for God, and carryout genuine service to God.

3) You abhor sin and run away at every sight of it.

4) Constant meditation on the word of God irrespective of your condition.

5) Absolute obedience to the word of God and teachings of the servants of God.

6) No tolerance for worldliness or unrighteousness on your life.

7) You are very disciplined and discrete with life’s affairs.

If you have these signs, then you are on your path to greatness in life.


Published by Ernest I.

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