6 Ways To Prepare For Marriage.

A lot of young people go into marriage without even knowing what it’s all about. Some end up regretting it and wish they had a little patience but some lucky ones don’t. 

Before going into marriage, one should be physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally ready because marriage is not a joke.

So before you get married,you should:

1) Acquire Knowledge.

It’s very important to know what marriage is all about before going into it. You can know more about marriage by: reading relationship and marriage books, listening to relationship and marriage messages, attending relationship and marriage seminars or conferences, learning from the married or…….. asking your mother questions.

Don’t be too shy or scared as the knowledge you’ve acquired will help you alot.

2) Build A Relationship With God.

You don’t need a pastor or man of God to tell you who your life partner is if you communicate well with God. He will show you himself.

3) Discover Yourself.

It’s also important to discover your purpose and achieve something before getting married. Ladies, do not get married because your patner is rich and can give you all you want.

Get a life for yourself first.

4) Have A Good Character.

It’s better to stay single forever than to be with a man or woman with a bad character.

Before getting married, you should ask yourself these questions and answer honestly: Can you control your sexual urge? Do you address people with respect or talk with no regards to others? Can you control your anger? How do you react when provoked?

A bad character not tamed when you’re single can ruin your marriage.

5) Be Responsible.

Dress well. I don’t mean wear oversized dresses all in the name of being spiritual. You can dress simple and still steal the attention of everyone around.

Be homely. Learn to do chores and how to take care of the house too.

6)Live With The Married.

If your parents don’t stay together,then you can live with a married couple for a while preferably those with kids.

Staying with a married couple will give you a clue of how married life is.

    NOTE: If you don’t prepare for marriage, you will not enjoy it.

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