Wisdom quotes to help you in life and relationships

• If you obey the law, you will never feel compelled to pay a bribe.

• It is better to owe in cash than owe in favors.

• Women always hit below the belt

• Do not go finding favor’s empty handed,

Nothing is free.

• The world was made to adapt and adjust and so are humans. Do what makes you happy, it might be frowned at but with time it will be accepted.

• If you lose it all and still have your peace of mind, a good appetite and a smile on your face, you have lost nothing.

• If you can’t take a decision and stand by it, you are weak.

• If life happens the way we plan it, we wouldn’t need God 

• Regret is the most unhealthy spirit a man can have

• The people who need your charity are on the streets.

• Protect your image and your name at all costs 

• Avoid things and people that make you go back to the habit you struggled to break

• If you are treacherous you will only be hated

• The answer is always No if you don’t ask

• Never be on the wrong side of the law

• A loan is like a blow to your riches

• Most disputes between men are caused by ego, and most disputes between women are caused by envy.

• You will always be remembered for doing what others did not do.

• The value of something reveals itself when it is sought but not found.

• Do not ever allow anyone to disrespect you.

• Things go smooth even when they are wrong.

• Always deliver on time 

• Punctuality is everything

• Always remember that friend that didn’t let you starve.

• Just because someone is everyone’s enemy does not mean he should be your enemy too.

• He who is inquisitive never makes a mistake.

• If you test the depth of the river before you dive in, you are not a good swimmer.

• Your boss’s women are strictly off bound to you.

• Nobody ever gets pregnant accidentally.

• People will always treat you according to whatever position they find you in.

• If you are not smart enough to cover your tracks, you best not make them at all.

• Watch your enemies close, but watch those you call your friends closer

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