What You Must Start Doing Before You Clock 40 Years Of Age

While living fast and dying young isn’t necessarily ideal, there is something to be said about maximizing your time as an able and healthy person on this earth. If you are 40 years of age and above this article is for you. If you are not yet upto 40years, it will be useful for you as well. So sit back and read carefully.

* Two Things to Check As Often As Possible:

If you’re are at this age, you should always check 

1. Your blood pressure.

2. Your blood sugar.

Make sure all of these are in good condition.

* Six Things to Reduce to The Minimum On Your Foods:

Either you have clock 40 years of age, above 40 or about to, try your possible best and reduce these things.

1. Salt.

2. sugar.

3. preserved meat and foods.

4. red meat especially roasted.

5. diary products.

6. starchy products.

* Four Things to Increase In Your Foods:

One you are at this age in your life, increase your consumption of these foods below cause it’s really good for the body.

1. Greens/vegetables.

2. beans.

3. fruits.

4. nuts.

* Three Things You Need to Forget:

Once you clock 40years, you need to forget these things cause it’s not really necessary. 

1. Your age.

2. your bad past.

3. your grievances.

* Five Things You Must Have: 

No matter how weak or how strong you are, you must strive to have these these Things listed below.

1. Friends who truly love you.

2. caring family.

3. positive thoughts.

4. a peaceful home.

5. forgiveness heart.

* Five Things You Need to Do to Stay Healthy: 

At the age of 40 or above, you need to do these things in order for you to stay healthy.

1. fasting.

2. smiling/laughing.

3. trek/exercise.

4. reduce your weight. 

* Six Things You Don’t Have to Do: 

At this age, you don’t need suffer yourself again, these things must be done appropriately don’t wait until someone tells you.

1. Don’t wait till you are hungry to eat.

2. Don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink.

3. Don’t wait till you are sleepy to sleep.

4. Don’t wait till you feel tired to rest.

5. Don’t wait till you get sick to go for medical check-ups otherwise you will only regret later in life.

6. Don’t wait till you have problem before you pray to God.

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