5 Reasons You Should Marry A Fat Lady

Marriage is a life time affair between couples, this however makes most men to become obsessed with their choices of ladies.

While embarking on a marriage course, it is always wise to make a great with regards to the bride so as to achieve a happy union. It with this fact that men tend to consider a lot of attributes before finally choosing and setting down with a woman. One these choices can be height, as most men think their wives height should complement theirs during child bearing and besides, it is part of the woman’s beauty, so they also think. Cooking abilities and attitude are always never left behind as the progress of the house also depends on these two.

However regarding size, most men tend to prefer slim and average sized ladies, only a few go with the fat ones. Unknown to them fat ladies posses some of the best characters or attributes that are needed mostly in marriage as some theories may have it. The benefits of marring a fat lady may be argued about however, below 5 reasons why you should marry a fat ladies.

1. Caring attitude

Fat women are so caring that they tend to anticipate the needs of their men without them voicing out, says Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology. 

2. Sincerity

Much cannot be said about this point but judging by theories, fat ladies are more friendly, less reserved and also more expressive than normal sized ladies.

3. Humility

With the jest made at those adorable ladies, they become humble and value whoever is in love with them and chooses to them as life partners.

4. Self reliance

There is a believe that meaty ladies hate being someone’s burden, even in a man’s house as a wife they try as much as possible not to be too reliant on the husband’s income.

5. King size ladies are romantic 

Those ladies are people who are normally obsessed with their size and so in order to force out external distractions to their men and cement ownership, try as hard as possible to make things available at home, romance being one.

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