You Will Never Make Progress In Life If You Continue With These 4 Attitudes

Have you tried so hard in life, working so hard, stressing yourself on daily basis and yet making little on no progress. As a young man, you have reached the age to marry, you probably must have been thinking about marrying, but there is no financial back up to pull it off. It seems your life is miserable, that your life remains in stagnation and you’re probably planning on giving up.

Let me stop you there, have you checked yourself, the way you think and how it affects your overall progress and improvement. Are there something you’re doing unknowingly and it is constituting nuisance to your life. Remember that for you to make progress in life, be it financial, emotional, physical progress and otherwise, you must work on your attitude, your habits and mentality. When you think in the right direction, you will see yourself going in the right direction too.

If you follow the right direction, you will make progress

There are 4 ATTITUDES that have hindered a lot of people from making progress in life, and yet so many people don’t want to learn their lessons. Those attitudes are huge toxins to human progress (especially financial-wise), it is very pertinent to change your ways if you are a victim of any of them. Take a reasonable amount of your time and read this article, and learn something that will improve your life forever.

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1. Following trends, and not your heart 

Most people are fond of this particular attitude, they seem to believe that what their friends are doing or what is trending in the society, is the only thing to venture on. As a result of that, they abandon their own unique business plans and ideas to follow that of their friends, which most times don’t lead to success. Sometimes people lose confidence in themselves because of that attitude and can only derive ideas from trending stuffs.

Don’t be a trendite, if you must progress in life you must be unique in what you do. Your ideas must be unique, your plans must be unique and you must learn to pull them off in unique ways too. You must think the other way round, you must do your things in different and unique ways. Doing something people are already used to, or following only what your friends tell you is not a good one. If you know that particular thing you want to do, do it perfectly, without any fear or doubt. 

2. Fear of taking risk 

Have you ever missed a great opportunity because of the risk you didn’t take? Have you ever resolved to take business risk but later changed your mind, at last you saw another person gaining from what you should have called your own? A great boxer named Ali Muhammad said “who is not courageous to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”, that is to show you that “risk taking” is an integral part of making progress. 

Don’t let fear grip you anytime you see a great opportunity, remember that opportunities come but once. Don’t hesitate to take any risk that has big potential of improving your business, because if you do, you will only have yourself to blame. The attitude of circumventing risk is not always the right thing to do, and it has hindered a lot of people from making progress (business-wise). Adjust your mind to see what others don’t see, in that way you will be better planned to go for it, even when it is risky. Nothing is risk-free in in this life, the earlier you start taking chances, the earlier you start making progress. 

3. Always procrastinating 

Procrastination they say is the enemy of progress, not just the enemy but the BIGGEST enemy. It is an attitude whereby one delays, postpones or put off what should have been done immediately, as a result of one’s inaction or lazy attitude. Procrastination leads to loss of big opportunities, which in turn affects progression.

Nonchalant attitude, delaying to do what you should, and overlooking business opportunities will never lead to success. For you to make progress in life, you must stop delaying or postponing things, imbibe the attitude of taking actions immediately. Don’t be the talkative ones, be the ones that always take action.

4. Waiting for others to start before you start

Are you the one that like following people, you never want to take the lead, or be the first person that will start-up something new? If yes don’t be surprised to see yourself not making any progress. It leads to low self-esteem, a kind of condition where one don’t have the confidence of taking decisions, which ultimately hibernates the talent and potential in that person. There is no way that kind of person will make progress, unless he start making changes.

If you’re to start making progress, you need to start taking bold steps, building confidence in yourself and taking decisions. You must not always be a follower all the time. If you make plans, analyze it and begin to act on it, it might be the turning point of your life. Confide in yourself and you will see yourself moving to another level. 

Don’t allow yourself to in this condition, begin to make progress

Success comes with grace, but there is need to make personal effort, and that personal effort begins with change of attitude and mentality. This article has succeeded in listing out some of those attitudes you need to change, the ball is now in your court, try as much as possible to let this article impact your life. If you must make progress, you must start now!

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