Story: Relationship made easy

Relationship made easy.
Please devote your time to read this Story.
My name is Gift, am working in a company where they are paying me good
amount of money every month.
I was very serious with the work, i never play with my working hours, i
took the work as my own work and am working with all my heart.
I never knew that the manage of that company was having a negative thought
on me, he swore with his life to chase me out of the company.
One day when i came to work, he layed a false accusation upon me, a huge amount
of money was missing in that company and the manager accused me of being responsible
for the missing money.
I was sacked and taken to police station and was put in prison.
I cried unto God from the prison and asked him to avenge for me. After 2 months in the
prison, i was brought out and i went home to stay with my family.
I continued praying to God to fight for me and prove to them that am innocent.
So i was in my room one Monday morning and my phone rang, behold it was the owner of the
company calling, he told me that the truth have finally surfaced, he said that the manager
was the one responsible for the missing money, he pleaded with me to come back to the company,
i later went back to the company and continued my job, the owner of the company sacked the
manager and put him in prison, after two months, i was made the general manger of that company.
From ordinary worker to prison and from prison to general manager, this is what God can do and only
him deserve my praises.
I just want to make this short prayer for you, I pray that God will use the foolishness of your enemies
to promote you, they will try to hurt you but will end up hurting their self, they will try to destroy you
but will end up destroying their self.
If you can humble yourself and type Amen to this prayer, before the year runs off, people will hear your testimony.

Published by Ernest I.

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