Opinion: Dear Guys, No Matter How Much You Love A Woman, Don’t Ever Tell Her These 5 Things

You are welcome to my page, in this message I shall be telling you things you need to know about your current relationship. Let’s say you just met a girl, she is beautiful and nice, She has a good shape. And you know so many guys can easily fall in love with a girl with standard and sexy structure without minding her background. After Haven conversations with her, You fall in love. Next thing you ask her to date you and she Accepted, or probably you decide to marry her. You would feel so happy, so head over hills in love and you feel like you can tell her anything about yourself and family. Let me stop you there, don’t let love blind your eyes, there are things you should never tell a Woman no matter how you love her.

This is the major mistake a lots of guys are doing today in the name of love, meanwhile Real love does not depend on that alone. They are guys who cannot control their tongue whenever they are with a girl they so much love, they go further telling the girl everything that needed to be kept secret.


1# Never tell her your family Secret:

Please make sure you read this message to the end because I promise you, you will Learn important things from it.

I know you might see your girlfriend or your wife as your family member but I am telling you today that she is not. As far as you both are not fully related by biologically or By blood, she has no business knowing family secrets. When you tell her your family deep secrets that needed to be observed, believe you me, a day will definitely come when she will use it against you, and you would get hurt that day.

Anything discussed between you and your nuclear or extended family should not be disclose to your girlfriend or your wife because its doesn’t concern them.

2# Do not tell her you want to send money to your family

Many married men are victim of this particular act today, they tell their wife! Madam or sweetheart my family just need my assistance and am about to Send some amount of money to them how did you see it?

Please if you want to Send them money, do it on your own. So many women can be very troublesome, when they find out you want to help someone or your family out, they will start quarrelling you. They might get jealous and even accuse you of neglecting her own family, she might end up discouraging you to do otherwise.

Although Alots of men might disagree with this point, but there is alot of sense in it. The truth is that, Some families and relationship are already experiencing most of these problems, therefore is best to avoid them inorder to have your peace.

3# Don’t Ever Tell Her The Numbers Of Girls You Had Dated Before

You see, this mistake is done by so many guys today. They go ahead telling their present girlfriend or wife about their past experiences. Thinking that May be by saying so the girl will respect them whereas harming their relationship or marriage. 

If you disclose your past relationship experience with her, she would always suspect you. I know that sometimes it good to be open up, but being too open has alot of Disadvantages You can tell her you have an ex, but if you have been with more than 7 Women, Please just keep that secret to your self.

4. Never Compare Her With Another Woman

There are some unnecessary comparison some guys are doing today that had caused their relationship and marriage to collapse beyond repair. Please never compare your girlfriend with another girl because, they will think you are not faithful to them alone.


1# Another woman’s food taste more better than hers

2# That woman dress morethan you do

3# That friend is more beautiful than yourself

4# That our customer can speak more than you

5# The body Structure of that lady is more sexy and attractive than yours ETC.

That is just like cheating. Even if you are not comfortable enough with her, Don’t ever tell her that because you will ruin your relationship or marriage.

5#. Don’t ever tell her you will train her in school down to university level

Although this one is done by few men, Don’t tell her that you are going to train her down to her university level. Because Perhaps you Don’t have the means of doing that anymore it might end in tears. Alots of men who did this always end up regretting,

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