Men, Never Spend A Kobo On Your Girlfriend Again If She’s Not Doing This 6 Things For You.

Many people believe that once they are in relationship with a girl almost all her responsibilities relies on them. Nevertheless it’s not a bad idea to take care of someone that you love provided they also love you back and care to do many things for you. But once a girl that you love doesn’t care to do this 6 things for you, then never spend your kobo on her again.

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1. If your girlfriend does not get jealous when she sees you with another girl, then that means she’s not much into you or precisely she’s just there for your money and she didn’t care about you hanging out with other girls provided you feed her bank account. That type of girl didn’t deserve your kobo.

2. If your girlfriend did not care to ask you about your future plans, that means she’s not planning on how to spend her life with you. Provided a girl has a life plan with you, then she’ll be asking you about your own plans to know if you can work out your future together. Do not spend your kobo on a girl that has no plans to be with you.

3. If your girlfriend is not respecting your family members

Any girlfriend that is well raised will not even think of disrespecting the family members of someone she’s viewing as her husband to be. So if your girlfriend is not respecting your family members how do you think of living a life with her? Talk less of spending your hard earned money on her. She didn’t deserve your kobo privileged to be precise.

4. If your girlfriend is not calling to ask you about your work

Any responsible girlfriend that possess wifey materials in her will be calling to hear about the well being of her boyfriend work or business. Because she knew that is where their future relies on. So if your girlfriend is showing I don’t care attitude towards your work you should know that she didn’t deserve the benefits of that work.

5. If your girlfriend didn’t used to seek advices from you

As someone who your girlfriend is viewing to be her head in the nearest future, if not all but she’s supposed to be seeking advices on issues that matters her life decisions from you, because you’re the one that she’s going to live her life with if she meant it. Else you should know where you stand and don’t make the mistake of spending your kobo on her.

6. If your girlfriend is not calling you sweet names

In this case, when she’s not calling you sweet names doesn’t meant she didn’t loves you. But no relationship is meant to be dull or boring. So instead of breaking up with her you should stop spending your kobo on her instead, until she learn how to make things work out.

So if your girlfriend fall into any of this categories, you should be smart and know what to do. If you have any idea you can submit in the comment section below. Thank you

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