Never Do These 9 Things In a Rush, If You Want to Prosper

Never Do This 9 Things In a Rush, If You Want To prosper

Wisdom is costly understanding is deep anyone who loves wisdom will live long.

1. Don’t be quick to make marital decision

Just because your friends are getting married should not push you into marriage life that will cost you pain all the rest of your life.

Before making such a decision, be very careful because it has to do with your life, dreams, and happiness.

2. Don’t be quick to trust friends people can pretend to be nice to you, if you are not careful they might break your heart! Friends can also Be good if you are careful.

Remember that trust is a very important part of your life it is not everyone that deserves your trust.Before trusting someone be prayerful.

3. Don’t Judge people so quick because of the way they might look, someone could appear very simple! but be an angel. don’t conclude about peoples tomorrow it is only God who knows tomorrow.

4. Don’t conclude about people’s today story because no life is parminate

5. Who to marry; yes don’t be in rush to accept a proposal because you think you are ageing, your age doesn’t matter many people are in pains because they rush without considering there happiness.

6. Don’t be quick to insult your parents; don’t ever be quick to insult your parents the Bible says in the book of proverbs 20:20 that who so ever course his or her parents. his or her lamp will go out in darkness! It means that you can never prosper so if you know you have done it before please go and ask your parents for forgiveness.

7. Don’t insult a Spiritualist; many people are working under courses because they insulted a savant of God! Please be very careful about men of God don’t be in rush to insult them you might be suffering from it without knowing The source of your problems.

8. Don’t be in rush to say bring him less kill him, don’t ever use your hands to kill an innocent person! no matter the story you hear about a person don’t be the one to judge them to death.

9 when you are in public count your speech don’t be quick to start talking to people you don’t know. Many people have put themselves in trouble because talking too much.

before taking any big step in your life ask God before you move.

Before accepting any marriage proposal ask God before you say yes.

Before talking in public Infront of strange people think first.

Before throwing a stone at anyone put yourself in that persons shoe.

Before insulting a writer because you disagree with his thoughts think about your religious beliefs.

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