How to make witches fear you,do this

The only thing can help you to win this battle, because witches are here and we live with them day and night, surprising even when you say you are a Christian, we find witches even in churches ,they hides themselves with the bible but when we sleep they call their ancestors to help them to witch you.

The only way you fight this battle and win it be honest with your God if you say you trust God only stick on that because people who uses traditional herbal (umuthi) they can sense you that you consult the traditional healers (sangoma) and know your life is instake.

That is why am saying if you know that you have enemies whether at work or neighbors or your in-laws try to kick you out because they don’t want you please pray to God ,I am the testimony my life is surrounded by enemies, one day God shows me that if I will take one step to consult into a traditional healer (sangoma) I will die.

Reason the time I was born nothing was perform onto my life like the rituals we black prople we do when a child is born ,no they didn’t I have power on my own , God shows me the unseen things ,God shows me the hidden things I am not proud about this but it helps me because I have many enemies and if I can ask my self what they want from me I can’t tell .

But the only way I conquer this is prayer I pray three times a day and God is doing wonderful in my life ,but the test that am going through, are unbearable because there are new every morning but great is faithfulness in my life reason I take Christ Jesus as my Alpha and Omega that’s why am unstable.

Don’t ever try to consult into a traditional healer (sangoma) I know that it might be too much for you are going through but cry to the Lord ,remember the story of Job and put your life like him then you will see that God will make a way.

Stay blessed and Trust God he will show up ,he is always on time ,never too later or early but his always on time.

Published by Ernest I.

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