Creativity and Innovation

  1. Define and differentiate between Creativity and Innovation;

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. “Building universes out of nothing.”
Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, services or process that creat value for business, government or society.

  1. Understand how creative thinking works and know how to increase my personal creativity;

Creative thinkers focuses on frequently upgrading their knowledge and they engage in learning.
I now work daily on this fact in other to increase my personal creativity.

  1. Evaluate ‘arguments’ and know how to pick the best alternative;

As a creative thinker the ability to determine the credibility of a source of idea recognizing inconsistencies in a line of reasoning has helped me to be able to evaluate arguments and know how to pick the best alternative.

  1. Make fast, and effective decisions and generate solutions that work;

As an analytic thinker, using the analysis in 3 above has helped me alot in making fast and effective decisions with best solutions.

  1. Finally, learn how to build my credibility and creat a solid reputation as an intelligent and indispensable thinker;

As a creative thinker, focusing on frequently upgrading my knowledge and engaging in constant learning has made me an intelligent and indispensable thinker who build credibility and a solid reputation.

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