Common HIV and AIDS signs to note in anyone before dating them

HIV and AIDS have always in records to be the deadly sexually transmitted infection that slowly eats into someone’s life until he does. However, not only does it get transmitted through this but there are several other means. Though, sex has always been confirmed as the basic way in which since the fluid discharged is always highly concentrated with the virus. This is the likes of semen and vaginal discharge. The other ways have always been through the sharing of sharp-edged equipment w an infected person. However, this is only applicable if the equipment gets spilled with an infected person’s blood and not sterilized.

Now, though the virus is very deadly, it has been proved to loot into society silent without people’s knowledge. This is because of how difficult it is to detect someone who is positive due to the virus. Something that makes most people very ignorant to take preventive measures since it is not visible. Most youths have always fallen victims of this and thus, they will always messing around with ladies without trying to trace out if she is positive or negative. So, as a man, you always have to observe the following to know if someone is positive about the virus.

First, most of the people who are positive about HIV always have a weak immune system. This, they will always be easily get infected by any pathogens coming to their ways. Thus, they will always claim to get sick after a very short period if the time of recovery from one illness. The most common infections are always Malaria, coughing too much, and always appear to be very weak and dull. This is something that we should always be very observant about it. However, before judging her wrong, always prove from the ICT.

The other thing is that such people always have several black wounds spread on their faces. This are spots that heal and come back after a very short period. They always look like boils spread all over her face. The wounds will always heal but leave spots that rarely heal. Surprisingly, the spots do not easily disappear even with makeup. So, always be very keen.

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