9 Secrets To Make A Baby Smart And Intelligent.

Intelligence is the mental abilities to adapt to new situations, learn from experience, understand and handle concepts and use acquired knowledge to influence and manipulate one’s environment. It is the goal and desire of every parent to see their children smart and intelligent. Please erase the notion that some children are born with dull brain and are not smart. In fact the human brain is one of the most complicated thing in the universe with billions of neurons. The brain connections can be increased by engaging in some activities.

There are many factors that affect the intelligence of a child. Factors like mother’s diet, genes and emotions have the ability to affect the intelligence of a child during pregnancy.

The intelligence of a child can be greatly affected especially from the early stage and that is what this article is all about. Lifestyle and environment are also two major factors that play a crucial role in a child’s development.

If you want your baby to be smart and intelligent, do the following things.

1.    Give the baby nutritious food

Feed your baby with nutritious food immediately when  he or she is ready to start feeding on solid food. Foods that are very rich in nutrient help the cognitive development of a child. Foods that are very rich in vitamins and minerals like eggs, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are good for your baby.

2.    Indulge in baby talk

Communication greatly helps the development of a child mentally. Communicating with your child develops the child’s self esteem and confidence. Engage your child in verbal activities to develop his or her intelligence.

3.    Stimulate your child with appropriate and simple toys

It is very important to find suitable toys to stimulate your baby’s intellectual capacity. Toys are very great in improving your child’s intelligence and curiosity. Find better toys that are suitable with the age of your child to make him or her smart.

4.    Play with your baby

Activities for Babies: 0 to 6 Months | Parents

No matter how busy you are, set aside time to play with your child. Engage your baby in different activities that will stimulate his curiosity. Give him or her different new opportunities to explore. Mimic him or her during play as all these will make the baby to think beyond normal.

5.    Read together

Books are one of the greatest tools that helps to develop and stimulate one’s thinking capacity even in babies. Pick at least one book and read it to your baby every day. Avoid clumsy books; a bright colored book with pictures will be good. When your do this, it stimulates the child’s imagination thus making him or her smarter.

6.    Encourage your baby to explore

Expose your child to new environments he is not familiar with so that he can explore. Take your baby to different places like supermarkets, the garden, beach and other places to visually stimulate him. The more you give your child exposure, the more he will learn.

7.    Give your baby early introduction to letters and numbers

There are many people who think introduction to letters and numbers of a child should only be done in the school but this is wrong. Start counting numbers and reading letters to your child right from home. Doing this makes it very easy for the child to comprehend when the time for the actual learning comes.

8.    Let your child interact with other children

Children learn a lot when there are together playing. Social interactions do not only help adults but the children to stimulate their experiences and prepare them for the issues of life. Let your child go out and play freely with other children as he will learn valuable lessons.

9.    Reduce screen time

We know there are programs which helps the development of a child but please reduce the screen time of your baby as it is very dangerous not only to their brain but their eyes. Focus on hand activities as this will stimulate a child more. Prolong exposure to screen damages the eyes and leads to vision problem, decreases thinking abilities and leads to a sedentary lifestyle.

Please, I want you to know that no one is born with a dull brain. The brain activities can be greatly improved. Follow these simple methods above and make your baby smart enough to fit into this ever changing world

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