5 ways to spot a runs girl easily, Tell your friends

A runs girl can be classified higher than a prostitute. She doesnt stand on the road waiting for customers.

Your typical runs girl is a hustler who is on the hunt for customers, she goes to where the action is and doesn’t wait for things to come to her.

You can find runs girls everywhere if you look well enough. If you can’t spot them, well, there are ways to spot them even from ten miles away.

1) She is aways in nightclubs

You can find most runs girls in nightclubs, lounges and other night spots of entertainment. These are the places where they meet potential customers. You can also spot them at malls roaming around the car park and hang out spots.

2) Dressed to sell herself

To the uninitiated, it will be hard to spot a runs girl in a club or lounge filled with women but seasoned guys can spot one easily. She is dressed to sell herself. Everything about her screams “take me” on demand. Runs girls are not here to show off.

3) Short on conversations

They don’t like talking much. It’s business and straight up. The end game for them is for you to pay for sex. Any other convo is a waste of precious time. Money is time and these babes are all about the money If you are not talking hookups it is a waste of time.

4) No visible source of income

When you see a babe rocking the most expensive of smart phones and has no clear sense of income or a steady job, she is most likely a runs girl. Also, if she is constantly in clubs during work days then she is a runs girl unless she is a club promoter which is another thing entirely.

5) Always on social media

Runs girls love social media because that’s how they can easily advertise themselves. They love Instagram, Insta Voice, Snap Chat and Tinder. On these platforms, they overtly show off their physical attributes. Apart from this, they also have contact e-mail addresses for bookings and inquiries which is strange because they are not models or actresses.

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