This thing called marriage eh 4…

This thing called marriage eh 4…
“You have seen how I and your dad live in this house, there’s no perfect marriage. Offences must surely come, but always do well to sort your differences with your husband. If you have any issue with him, try to settle it, don’t come running back home. You are now married, and you aren’t welcomed in my house again except on a visit.”
The above were my mum’s advise to me on my wedding day. She and my dad have been together for 50years as married couple. And I can gladly say that I never saw them raise their voices at each other. I learnt a lot from their marriage.
I was almost lost in thought when Sarah showed up.
Madam! How body na?… Hmmm, Sarah done come with her own wahala. I’m fine o, madam Sarah, this one you show for my office today?…
I met Sarah at a saloon where I went to make my hair. She said she loved my hair, because it’s very long and dark. From there, closeness started. I’m not the type that make friends, I like alone thing. But Sarah is this type that doesn’t mind if you are interested or not, she’s just like that.
Hmmmm, new Mrs…. Now now you done do honeymoon finish? I know say your husband give you the thing hot hot. See as your body dey shine, as your husband tall so, em thing go long o … Talk na, tell me how you enjoyed it.
I was just staring at her.
See you, she continued. There’s nothing there to hide na. My own husband no dey gree me rest o. Hmmmm, our wedding night na so this man been wan tear me apart. Ahhh, aswear, some of our neighbors been dey hear my voice as I dey scream like a mad dog. With his big something, I no fit waka well the next day.
Oh, God of mercy… What is wrong with some people?. How can this woman comfortably discuss her bedroom activities with me. This is crazy mehn.
I am self employed. I own a restaurant. Whenever Sarah comes around, she always want free food. Just to shot her up, I asked one of my workers to get Sarah her usuals, “Afang soup and Akpu”. Immediately she saw the food, her blood came down, and that was the end of the discussion.
As I got home that very day, I communicated with my husband about my meeting with the doctor. I also told him about Dr Fred who tried to misbehave with me. He promised to start the treatment ASAP.
Three months in the treatment, we started seeing changes. It wasn’t all that good but it was okay. At least there was an improvement.
I waited, from day one to a year. Exactly a year and a half. The miracle happened . Chai, you can imagine the joy in my heart .
To be continued….
Still your writer girl
~Monica Ama

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