Things you shouldn’t do in the presence of your children.

Many parents send their children to school for them to learn. Religious pThees such as Mosques and churches also help in teaching our children some good morals. But as the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’, In other words there is no school, no church or mosque that can replace the role of parents in their children’s lives.

Parents are the first role models for their children. But children don’t only learn from what their parents tell them. In fact, children learn more from who they see their parents do, and so we should be mindful of the things ee do. But as adults, we can’t always behave perfect all the time, but we can choose what to display in front of our children.

Here are some habits parents should never showcase in front of their children.

1. Bathing in front of their children

Children are very imaginative, when you start bathing with your children, you expose them to what they are not suppose to know about at that very young age.

The result is that once they see things like this, they will want to learn more about it and they might not have the courage to ask the parents, so the next thing is to ask somebody outside – if it is an adult they asked, it can result in child abuse.

2. Don’t argue with your spouse in front of your children.

No matter how provoked you are, don’t argue with your husband/wife in front of your children. Instead calmly go to the room, shut the door and settle whatever issue you have with your partner.

3. Don’t speak negative about other people in front of your children

Negativity is a habit that keeps people backward. Most people see life from a negative angle, they always see the worst things in every situation.

But do you know what – it started when they were small. All the negative attitudes we develop in life is as a result of the negative things we’ve heard since we were small.

In order for your children not to develop negative view if life, always avoid saying negative things about other people in their presence.

This does not mean you say something bad that happened to you. There is a difference between telling your children what somebody did, and telling negative things about the person to your children.

4. Don’t make out in front of your children

No matter how you and your partner feel, never attempt to make out in front of your children. If you do this, you end up making your children develop mental pictures that they will keep thinking about.

5. Don’t gossip in front of your children

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