Opinion: 3 Reasons Why White People Are More Productive And Creative Than Black People In The World.

In race of human we have black and white people. And is it the same God that created black and white people, in which they are co-exist together, living together, sharing goals together and relating. And the misery about it is that whites are more constructive and inventive than black people.

Although, some black people thought that God really blessed white people than black people with every things and which is wrong. Because our God is impartiality that do things miraculously and blessed us equally, so it is left us to make use of it. But it was their thinking and point of views that made they conclude such a belief. 

And one thing that dissimilar whites and blacks people are their lifestyle. The white way of life is totally different and something that is forbidden to blacks can be allowable to whites. Also, the thing that distinguished whites from blacks is their productivity and creativity. It is their impact that makes them stand out all the time.

As a matter of fact, their impact is not that black people can’t do it. So that is why I will be discussing 3 reasons why white people are more productive and creative than white people in the human race.

(1) They don’t value talents, It is in the race of black that people died with talent. They see talent as something unworthy which is truncating our productivity and creativity ideas. Unlike white people, cherished talents as a child once they see something magnificent in you. They will surely help you grow it because it will bring them a lot of advantages in many ways and boost their economy. Even some blacks see someone who has talent as a lazy person. They don’t encourage them rather than discouraged them. And that is why we are still lacking behind whites in productivity and creativity aspects thinking God blessed them more than us without knowing that we are the one burying those skills.

(2) Parents Intimidation, Some black people believe that the only way to succeed in lifen is education. But nowadays it has gone beyond education—itself is not something you can create on your own to be successful. Those parents will be like, you must do this, you must do that. What if such a kid has potential in him or her that will make them succeed in life? But with their instinct they will just truncate other skills and great potential. Those whites once they discovered that their kids were doing something constantly and which they found love in, they support them financially, emotionally and spiritually. Also, that is why they are more productive and creative than us till date. Because, many black parents have already killed their children dreams without knowing.

(3) Lack of industrial.

There is a lack of industries to finalize skills and potential. It is by creating many industries in other ways for people to grow their prowess and be more acceptable to the public. Once someone did something great, we only hear the news of what such a person created without knowing what will end the creation. And it is because there are no industries to practice those skills and ideas so that it will be more creative and productive. Even for it to be serviceable there must also be teamwork, and for that to take place there must be an industry. Unlike white people, they have a lot of industries producing many things and working together as a team sharing skills and ideas.

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