How I wish we can write down these and paste them by our bed sides to memorize, and cross check our lives regularly!

-To be rich, – Give.

-To succeed, – Serve.

-To laugh, – Make someone laugh.

-To prosper, – Be honest.

-To excel, – Be faithful.

-To go far, – Get up early.

-To change someone, -Change yourself!

-To be great, – Be disciplined,

-To be strong, – Pray often.

-To do a lot, – Speak little.

-To be fruitful, – Praise God.

-To live well, – Forgive.

-To talk well, – Bind anger.

-To sleep well, – Work hard.

-To be loved, – Love.

-To be a good husband/wife, – Listen to her/him.

-To be a woman, – Submit yourself.

-To be respected, – Be polite.

-To bind Satan, – Sanctify yourself.

-To grow in faith, – Meditate on the word of your creator always.

None of these has ever failed!
Give it a trial, and see for yourself.

Deeply Pause To Deeply Reflect! be

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Published by Ernest I.

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