This thing called marriage eh 3: Erectile dysfunction?

This thing called marriage eh 3
Erectile dysfunction? But why did you hide this from me, don’t you trust me enough to share such with me? Of course I deserve to know about it, I’m your wife.
As I spoke, I could see my husband fidgeting, he was tensed and didn’t know what to say.
I’m sorry, I’m very sorry for not telling you on time baby. I was scared you might leave me. The first lady I intended to marry left me because of this. So I had to keep it from you so that I won’t lose you too.
That’s not enough reason for you to hide such sensitive information from me. I’m your wife, your lovely wedded wife. Why na, why this. Oh my goodness…
The next day, a lot was running through my mind. My husbandman wasn’t feeling too good, so he claimed… Maybe he was just trying to avoid me. After he had gone to work I decided to visit a doctor friend of mine based on the issue on ground. The way I was feeling last night with the whole thing made me forget to ask if he had gone for any medical treatment. I didn’t even ask him what caused it self, silly me.
I called Doctor Fred that morning to know if he was at the office. He told me he was on leave but I could come over to his house if it was that urgent. Fred has been a good friend of mine for about two years. We were very close, and I have been to his house twice, so it wasn’t new to me.
Congratulations on your wedding. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend, you know work stuff kept me away. Fred said, as I got to his house. We exchanged pleasantries and I couldn’t wait to get my answers.
Fred, is there any treatment for “erectile dysfunction”?. Erectile what, who need the treatment? Fred cut in. Just tell me Fred, I need a positive answer please.
Are you going to tell me the person that’s involved or not? Wait, is it your husband? Don’t tell me your husband can’t get an erection… I shook my head in affirmation.
Oh my God, you must be passing through a lot baby girl. How do you cope? Talk to me.
Look Fred, I didn’t come here to talk about me, I’m here to get a solution to what’s facing my husband and I. Is there any treatment for it, and when do we start the treatment if yes.
I assume I was talking to myself, because the Fred I was talking to wasn’t even listening. Doctor Fred!!!, I called out. I’m here, I’m just thinking, he said.
You know, you are such a beautiful young lady. How can you stay without your husband touching you? Look at your lovely body, your sweet sexy lips, so succulent. Who wouldn’t fall for a pretty sexy looking lady like you.
As he spoke, he was coming closer to me. His hand rested on the chair I was seated, and he looked straight into my eyes and let out a mischievous smile.
I guess your husband didn’t tell you this before your wedding. That’s very bad of him. Who knows what else he’s hiding from you. Look, you are every man’s dream, I can make you happy if you want.
Fred you know what, we can talk about this some other time. I’m already running late for an event, there was no event after all, I just needed to run from a scumbag like him. I stood up to leave.
At this moment, I was already feeling disgusted with his change of attitude. This is not the Fred I used to know, what has gotten into him? I came here for something serious and he’s talking trash. What nonsense. It’s not his fault anyways, he’s not the only doctor in town.
Look Sweetheart, stay for a few minutes let’s talk about this. You’re here for a solution right? Forget the event, you know I’m your friend, I will always assist and support you.
He stretched out his right hand to hold me, I shifted a little bit so as not to be touched by his filthy hand. Anyone with her right senses should know where he was driving at. I’m not a baby, the best I did was to leave immediately before another story would set in. God forbid, to hell with his help.
Finally I was able to get something positive. The next doctor I met told me there was treatment for it, and I was asked to bring my husband the next day.
When I got home, I met my mother in-law. She said she was just passing by and decided to come say hello. That was very thoughtful of her. Ahhh, as my best friend she be na, we come dey gist. I had to tell her what his son told me. And she said it was true, that my husband had an accident at a young age and that was the reason why he suffered erectile dysfunction. He was 17 years old when it happened.
But what I don’t understand is why they left it without treatment till now. Abi them no reason am say him go marry? Nawaooo!…
To be continued….
Still your writer girl
~ Monica Ama

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