See How to Check if Gas Cylinder has Expired to Avoid Explosion

Expired gas cylinder can cause gas explosion. In this post, we will show you how to check if a gas cylinder has expired to avoid gas cylinder blast or explosion.

Gas expulsion mostly occurs when there is a gas leak from the cylinder and mixes with air within the limits of flammability. The explosion can be as heavy as that of a bomb. It can destroy the whole building and also cause death.
Cooking gas is essential part of kitchen components, and almost every home has it. Just as gas cylinders are important, they can also be dangerous if a proper check is not carried.
There have been several cases of cooking gas explosions which took lives. Despite this ugly scenarios, some people still use expired gas cylinders as they do not know how to check the expiry date.
Before we show you how to check if a gas cylinder has expired, below are basic precautions you should observe;
Do not use a cooking gas cylinder for over 5 years
Never buy or use a second-hand (used) gas cylinders
Always check the expiry dates of your gas cylinder.
How to check if your gas cylinder has expired
Follow the steps below to check the expiring date of your gas cylinder;
The expiry date of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder is on one of the metal strips that connect the body of the cylinder and the top handle at the inner side of the strip.
On the strip, alphabets from A to D are written along with a number. See below;
A – stands for ‘1st quarter’ (January to March)
B – stands for ‘2nd quarter’ (April to June)
C – stands for the 3rd quarter (July to September)
D – stands for the 4th quarter (October to December)
Example; if you see A.21, it means the gas cylinder will expire within the first quarter of the year 2021; from January to March 2021.
If you see D.23, it means the expiry of the gas cylinder is within the fourth quarter of the year 2023; From October to December 2023.
Hope you can now decode the expiry date of LPG gas cylinders?
For small gas cylinders, check the body of the cylinders to find the expiry date.
Note: A gas cylinder should only be used in a vertical position, do not bend it like many people do to avoid gas explosion unless specifically designed to be bent.
Hope this help? Kindly share this post to help other people.

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