Gas explosion can be very hazardous, it can lead to destructions of life’s and properties. In as much as we enjoy using gas, it is also advisable you take safety precautions to avoid explosion. The power of gas explosion depends on the fuel, ignition location, the gas concentration and the location of structure vents and sizes of the structures. Avoid taking cigarettes besides a leaking gas it can cause spark and explosion. Beware of this 2 common signs to avoid explosion;

1. SMELL OF ROTTEN EGGS: Gas is naturally odourless. When you start perceiving a rotten egg smell from your gas, call the maintenance immediately to avoid explosion.

2. COLOUR OF THE GAS FUMES: The colour of normal gas fumes should be blue, when it starts bringing out orange or yellow flames. It could be your gas leaking call the maintenance immediately. Do not light matches when you notice this sign of gas leakage.Don’t forget to like, comment and share. You can also follow up for more of your interesting articles

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