We are NOT your standard public accommodation gun range .

My place, The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range is a RESERVATION ONLY FIREARMS TRAINING FACILITY.
We are NOT your standard public accommodation gun range .
You can not walk in off the streets and shoot here.
You must have a basic knowledge of how to handle semi-auto firearms safely and without assistance in order to shoot here, otherwise, you should take a class or must hire one of our instructors to supervise you while you are on the firing line.
This is for your protection as well as others who may be on the firing line with you.
No lane sharing.
We specialize in multiple level training classes, church or business security team training, and private instruction .
We have trained over 40 thousand people from 13 different countries and every state in America.
We are one of the few ranges that can boast of a 100% accident free record with our facility and training program .
This can be directly attributed to the fact that we are NOT a typical gun range and we are proud of that fact.

Published by Ernest I.

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