Story: This thing called marriage eh…

This thing called marriage eh…
Few days to my wedding, I was already dreaming about my first night with my to be husband. I couldn’t wait to have him all to myself.
Oh mehn, I have waited for so long, so you can’t really blame me for having such canal thinking, after all we were gonna be husband and wife.
When we first met, I thought he was one of those guys that loves sex, considering his looks and the kind of friends he keep. But I got to know otherwise, so I thought. In fact, he’s that holy to a point he can’t even kiss. I loved the whole thing after all, who wouldn’t?…
Mehn, conji na bastard o… Ovulation period for we ladies can actually cause wahala aswear, especially if you are not disciplined, you could do the unthinkable.
One faithful evening, I went over to his house to discuss about a project I was handling for him. Ahhh, body was just doing me totori totori. I gave him all kinds of clue, he acted as if he didn’t get the signs… I even intentionally fell on him while on the bed, but he slowly pushed me aside and stood up.
Hmmmm, Sweetheart, what’s all these na? But we are getting married, can’t we just know ourselves, even if it’s once?
No, I mean no… It’s against my faith. Besides, our marriage is in few weeks. Babe, calm down, we will soon be married and you’ll have me all to yourself, I will be yours forever. Please be patient, he said.
Oh wow, I loved the fact that he could resist a woman like that, even his fiancée, that’s lovely but I had my doubt. On a normal day, he was supposed to at least get an erection, but there was nothing like that.
I had suggested we go to the hospital for test and check ups to ascertain we were okay health wise, but he said we don’t need to worry about that. What about fertility test?, I asked, all he said was, “I trust you babe, I know you are medically fit so you have nothing to worry about”….
Like really?
All my friends were married with kids, I happened to be the only one left to be married. I was being pressured here and there, both family, friends, colleagues, so I guess, pushing further about this medical stuff wasn’t really necessary. We both knew our genotype and I believe that was the main thing.
The real day finally came, our wedding night. I was all ready for singing the mighty moaning song, and the throwing of legs north and south, I had planned how I was gonna enjoy the whole night both on top and under my husband. You can imagine what was running through my head.
All set with my nighties, my husbandman looked at me, smiled and said. Baby, can we not do this tonight? I’m so tired right now, after all the wedding activities I think we should just cuddle and rest.
I was pained
To be continued…
Still your writer
~# Monica Ama

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