No Matter Your Age As A Man, Never Marry Until You Have These 5 Things

Humans are created as social beings with the need to be with one another. The institution called marriage has been made for that purpose. Marriage is the only recognised union where a man and a woman are allowed to express how they feel about each other without feeling ashamed. In this part of the world, age is always associated with when a man or woman is supposed to be married. The women are always the victims of this maltreatment. What sad one!

 In this article, I will be talking about marriage and how it concerns men. For me, I think that marriage shouldn’t be a thing of age but of maturity. As a man, you can still be married at 20 or 50 if you have these 5 things.

1. Sound Vision: As a man, you should have figured out what you are going to do with your life before bringing in someone to help you with it. Don’t ever think of marrying until you have discovered your purpose in life. Get the vision as the man and find the woman to run it with you.

2. Job or business: You must be have something doing as a man before finding a wife to take care of.

3. Wisdom: Women are sometimes difficult to understand, so wisdom is needed as a man in dealing with their complexities.

4. Patience: It takes a very patient man to live with a woman especially the nagging ones. As a man who wants to get married, how much patient do you think you are? It’s only the patience of a man that would turn a ferocious woman into a gentle lamb.

5. Understanding: This virtue is always accompanied with wisdom. To be a better husband, you need to understand the needs of a woman which are centred on love, care and affection. If you are not ready in giving a woman these things, please remember single.

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