Soft skills: Questions and answers

  1. Business etiquette?

Is a set of manners that is accepted or required in a profession, the ability to present yourself such that you make others comfortable around you and are taken seriously.

  1. Importance of B. Etiquette?

a. Promoting positive

b. Building strong relationships

c. Reflecting confidence

d. Preventing misunderstanding

  1. Principles of etiquette? Respect: Recognizing and
    acknowledging their worth
    and value as a human beings regardless of their background or race.

Consideration: having empathy for another person in a thoughtful behaviour and thinking about what you can do for others around you and how your actions will effect them.

  1. Type’s of etiquette?

a. Workplace etiquette

b. Table manners etiquette

c. Professionalism

d. Communication etiquette

e. Meetings etiquette

  1. What is networking?

Is the exchange of information and ideaa among people with a common profession or special interest.

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