Please read till the end .
I am so sad right now, sir. I just read a story on your page, similar to what’s going on with my life.
4th abortion almost claimed my life. A 5 months pregnancy, he came back from Abuja last year, and he said we are done .
After I gave him 300,000 to attend a job interview in Abuja, he got the job, and now I am no longer useful.
Dr. Shola, my heart is so broken that I am not sure if I can trust anybody after this. I was with him for 9 years.
He left me, and now he is in Abuja, earning over 500,000 per month.
I am weeping at the moment.
Cc : Shola Jordan Adeoye
Me : Sister just move on with your life and forget the idiot , he’s not worth a drop of your tears .
My only concern is that if you could sponsor and feed the idiot for nine years , why did you have to abort your babies since you are capable of taking care of them ??? Perhaps one of the babies would ve been a boy and possess your kind heart , then the world would have rejoice at having another good man on the surface of the earth

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