Am not a cathocatho neither is there anything that will make me a catholic even in the nearest future, but it high time we call a spade a spade
I stumbled upon a pamphlet from one of these new
generation churches that refused to mention its name, they
only dropped a phone number and tagged it “SMS ONLY”. It
My question after reading the antagonistic writeup was “who
is chasing the wind???”
Have you ever asked yourself why the Catholic church never
advertises itself or any of her branches or outlets but yet has
the highest number of Christians as a denomination?
You question the authority of the Catholic church – you called
it a “demonic gathering” but there is a backing that Christ
Himself set up this Church you now call a ‘demonic gathering’
Read Matt 16:13 – 20. Not even the gate of hell shall prevail
over it.
Why has the attention of all churches/ministries turned
towards the ‘Catholic Church’. Everyone is fighting the
Catholic church instead of sin which is the arc enemy to your
You say they worship Mary and believe in idols for protection
and yet you stick the picture of your pastor to your cars and
door post as a sign of what??? You have believed so much in
the power of the enemy of you that your prayer points are
always about the enemy. Why carry a handkerchief about in
the name of a mantle; thinking you will find more favour? Who
ever told you a church sticker will be a saving grace from
your enemies???
You say Mary has no place in heaven; yes I’ll agree with you if
you answer my question, have you searched through the
whole bible and not found her place in creation??? I bet your
answer will be a lopsided yes. But my advice read again.
You say that Catholics don’t read the bible but I still don’t get
this point. Is it that they don’t read the bible at all or they don’t
read and preach about ‘The Miracle Working God’. There’s a
difference between reading the bible objective and also
reading the bible subjectively. They read every portion of the
bible, every nook and cranny of the bible. From the old
testament, through the psalms, to the new testament. If you
feel they don’t read the ‘favouritic’ parts of the bible, please
don’t hang yourself, they have chosen what is right by avoiding
to hide the truths of human existence in this temporary
dwelling place.
“The teachings of the Catholic church are too hard” so you go
to where you ears will find it easy to take. Well, never forget
Luke 20: 45 – 47 and Luke 21: 34 – 36. The catholic church’s
teachings are the teaching of Jesus Himself. Christ never
foretold any enjoyment or pleasure while here on earth. He only
promised life eternal and joy everlasting in the kingdom of
God. Where then do your preachers get their teachings of
favor from??? Read what Jesus said in Mark 8: 31 – 38
On Sunday the 14th of April 2016, I heard a preacher while in
a church service; saying to his members and I quote him: “I
want you to unleash your holy anger and pray….”. Please
read Matt. 5: 21 – 26 and tell me what aspect of anger is
Catholics don’t pray; oh yes because they have chosen to adopt
the bible standard of praying. Once I heard someone say “
catholics need to understand the art of praying violently”. I
laugh. Read what the bible teaches about prayer in Matt. 6: 5

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    Finally, I want to advocate that you leave catholics alone.
    They have never come out to criticize any denomination so I
    wonder why every denomination is against them. All of these
    new age shops you call ministries stemmed from the catholic
    church. If you need to draw people to God, go to where the
    gospel of Christ Jesus has not reached and evangelize there.
    Stop feeding on the work of others.
    If you must judge for God, read what the bible says in Matt. 7:
    1 – 6. Whether Catholics have never and will never make it to
    heaven or not, it is not your business. Focus on ‘your’ salvation
    and ensure you make heaven which you claim belongs to non

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