Opinion: US election

Kiersten Silva,
We are being used as pawns to further an agenda.
The Democrats proclaim to care about the hard working families in America….. The Democrats want to make our country more equitable…..
Then why did they go on VACATION without passing a stimulus for us. They walked out and did not look back.
But they came back for the Post Office Hearings they demanded, which is a HUGE tell of what they truly care about, and it is not you and me!
PELOSI is from California she knows the cost of living here, that we need every dime they gave us to live. Since she has plenty of money she does not give a shit! If she did she never would have walked out on us!
Democrats, put pressure on your party to get the money to the people. The Republicans have begged for your Dems to come back to DC and at least take care of the EDD PUA (employment Development Department Pandemic Unemployment Assistance)
Lets see if they listen…
Trump did what he could without Pelosi, he cannot spend without their agreement. Trump had extra money in the till from the first “Cares Act” that he used to pay the $400.00 extra a week WHICH IS NOT BEING PAID BY EDD IN CALIFORNIA!

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