1. Just because I rejected you doesn’t give you the audacity to date someone else…
    Wait I Know what I’m doing
  2. Somewhere out there, a flat girl is busying doing exercise to have ass*
    My sister u can’t cheat fate
  3. If she always post pics of her upper body, she has no ass..!
  4. You have only two pants and one bra. He asked. “What can I get you?” And you said shawama, sister where is your sense?
  5. A guy said that he told his shadow to stop following him, and go and hustle outside Nigeria, they can’t be suffering together* .
  6. Jealousy is when you see dogs having sex and you start throwing stones at them.*
    Are they in your room??? , Or is any of them your ex?
  7. If she requests for Brazilian hair my brother tell her to sing Brazil national anthem first before you buy it for her*
  8. Just a week in the relationship, you’ve packed all your clothes to his house..
    Aunty is he a tailor
  9. I Love You With All My Heart “*
    Same Heart you Couldn’t label in Biology
  10. I sell Chickens online ooooooo
    you Transfer money I Direct the Chicken to your House Biko
  11. Lion is not the most dangerous Animal on Earth*
  • Samson killed lion*
  • Woman killed Samson*
    *…what else do you want to know?! *
  1. It is only in Nigeria that you will hear “madam pls, how much is that hundred naira bread” this country self*
    Yoruba girls, when will they change sef
  2. While one person is struggling to find a partner another person is in 3 stable relationships
    This life no balance.
  3. No be all girls wey wear long gown be born again christian ooo…
    Some of them dey cover stretch mark
  4. Dating a slim girl is cool until you lock her out of the room and she slides under the door.
  5. I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time, when I overheard a girl telling her boyfriend that; “even WhatsApp status video last longer than you”*
    This girl be mafia killer.
  6. *Learn to interact with people’s post, you won’t die! *
    Na this same pride make Jellof Rice no dey reach you for wedding ceremony
  7. You are dating a DJ and still cry when he cheats on you!!
    My sister what do you expect from somebody that can mix three songs together?
  8. I started fearing weed when i saw my neighbor son dancing to the sound of my generator, when i switched it off he ask me
    who song the song?*
    Because i was afraid he would beat me, i answer
    “Yamaha feature petrol”
  9. Imagine on judgement day when it’s your turn to be judged and all the demons start hailing you
    Marlians, Oba soapy,
    Osomo 1, Agba Awo, 2 Odds king, Igbolabi 1,
    Don’t argue pls
    Just match straight to hell
  10. Pls let’s avoid early morning weed
    My neighbor dropped his children in his office and drove himself to school.
  11. Another sex style found in Nigeria is
    called Buhari
    You will just be on top without doing anything
  12. I can’t stop laughing, at a job interview, Interviewer – spell, scheweinsteger,
    blaszcykowski, & schneiderlin. Job seker– pls just say there is no job..
  13. Just bcoz ur girl friend is smiling while pressing her phone dose not mean she is cheating on u, my bro, relax she’s reading my post.
  14. Nothing person no go see for dis obodo Nigeria How can u open a church and name it BET 9JA church of God mission..
  15. Drinking garri dose not mean u re poor but allowing de garri to swell up before drinking it, my bro, ur village people is at work..
  16. Finally, i have made it in Naija. I can now speak French. Born June Mama, Come On Serve Her, Serve Her Beer Mercy.
  17. I never knew the power of weed until I saw a 90years old man telling me he wants to be a lawyer when he grows….
  18. Very soon MTN will start sending message like your brother is owing us for two years, if you love your brother kindly press 1 to payback
  19. That awkward moment you’re seating next to one beautiful girl in the church and the pastor shout “standup and hug your neighbor, just smile bro you have made it in life
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    I you all

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