Why waste your energy fighting back your enemies, just rise to a greater heights they will all fall off.

The only bird that dares to pitch an eagle is a crow.
He sits on the eagle’s back and bites his neck. The eagle reacts or does not fight the crow at all to waste so energy.
The eagle team its wings just wider and rise even higher up in the air. The higher his flight, the more difficult it becomes for the crow to breathe until he falls off the eagle due to oxygen deficiency.
Therefore never waste your energy on the ′′ crows ′′ in your life – just take them to your heights and they will fall off itself!
The enemy also sits on your back and bites your neck, but those who wait for the Lord gain new strength; they set up with wings like that of an eagle (Jes. 40:30)

Published by Ernest I.

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