Soft skills

Topic: Effective Communication And Story Telling

  1. Effective Communication can be defined as an expression of feelings, thoughts, and ideas between a sender (decoder) and the receiver an (encoder) which can be transferred through a various channel such as; gadgets, media, symbols and virtual.

¶ Effective Communication is the process through which news and ideas are transferred meaningfully from the sender to the receiver for a particular purpose such as change of behaviour or to imparting knowledge.

¶ The aim of effective communication is to achieve appropriate dissemination of information to the right and target audience through a notable channel.

  1. The 7C’s of effective communication are itemized below;
    • Clarity.
    • Correctness.
    • Completeness.
    • Concreteness.
    • Conciseness.
    • Consideration.
    • Courtesy.
  2. The four quadrants of Johari’s window are listed and explain below;
    • Arena.
    • Blindspot.
    • Facade.
    • Unknown.

Arena:- This refers to the behavioural pattern of an individual skill which is Overt to an individual and members of the public through the interpersonal approach.
An example is; professionals such as teachers, tailors, Lawyers etc.

Blindspot:- This refers to behaviour Unknown to an individual but Subjective to members of the public.

Facade:- This refers to behaviour or skill that is subject to an individual, it can also be reviewed as covert attributes of an individual but hidden from other individuals.

Unknown:- This refers to behaviour, skills or character of an individual which is Unknown to him or her neither other individuals. That is a Metaphysical skill.

  1. Storytelling is the stimulation that enhances the presentation.
  2. Stories can be structured in these following ways;

√ Exposition: This is the opening of the scene where the action is narrated by plot development.

√ Rising action or Crisis reveals the clash of interest within the main characters in a play.

√ Climax:- This is the apex of the narrative where emotions are usually involved and suspense is highly sustained.

√ Failing action: This is otherwise known as Purgation of emotions where the fortunes may either fall or rise to the detriment of either the protagonist or the antagonist.

√ Resolution: This is at the very atmosphere where play usually ends, it unravels the mystery behind the plots.

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