Questions and answers on soft skills

Some of the questions and answers on soft skills are:

  1. What are the traits of an effective person?
    The traits of an effective person are;
    a. Takes ownership
    b Disciplined
    c. Self Confidence
    d. Proactive
    e. Agile
  2. What is Self Awareness?
    Self Awareness is the ability to honestly appraise oneself without any form of partiality. It’s is also the ability to understanding your own self, i.e. your emotions, strength, limitations, attitudes, values and motives.
  3. What are the types of self awareness
    The three type of self awareness are;
    a. Internal Self Awareness
    b. Self Awareness
    c. External self awareness
  4. What is personal effectiveness?
    Personal effectiveness is the ability to make positive impacts on others by conveying ideas and information in the way that is clear and even persuasive.
  5. State the self awareness archetype
    The four self awareness archetypes are;
    a. Introspectors
    b. Aware
    c. Seekers
    d. Pleasers:
  6. What are the big 5 personality types.
    The big 5 personality types are;
    a. Openness
    b. Diligent/Conscientiousness
    c. Extraversion
    d. Agreeableness
    e. Neuroticism

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