Your weeping season over by Dr. Sharon Billins

Dr.Sharon Billins
The reason you have received so much unnecessary persecution, affliction, warfare coming from all directions is because of the elevation and promotion coming for you. When a child of God undergoes an unusual amount of affliction they are about to receive a GLORY TRANSFORMATION in their lives. The tears you cried, the rejection you suffered, the opposition that came against you for no reason, the lies and accusations that were hurled at you, the people who unfairly mistreated you, the ones who smiled in your face and laughed behind your back, the ones who said they loved you but spit in your face, the ones who could have blessed you but didn’t, the ones who unfriended you on Facebook and Instagram, the would be pursuers who said they loved you but had someone else, the ones who made EMPTY promises… YES.. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE… THEY ARE THE VERY ONES WHO GOD WILL MAKE SURE THAT THEY SEE YOUR ELEVATION, YOUR RISE, YOUR PROMOTION, YOUR NEW MARRIAGE, ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN BLESSED, YOUR NEW HOUSE, YOUR NEW JOB, YOUR NEW CAR, YOUR EXPANDED MINISTRY. YOUR INCREASE, YOUR BREAKTHROUGH. WHY???… Because YOU held your peace, YOU were faithful, YOU counted the cost, YOU walked in obedience, YOU paid the price. NOW… YOU walk in the ABUNDANCE of HARVEST and BLESSINGS that GOD has stored up just FOR YOU. He didn’t forget about YOU. Beginning right NOW things are only going to get BETTER and BETTER just for YOU! God LOVES YOU so much!
André Ferreira
+2782 325 2913
Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

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