Perfect time

In the light not to make mistakes in life, we wait on God for the perfect time.
This is a good decision. But, the problem I have with a lot of persons is not knowing this time when it comes, or when it should be.
This perfect time may not always come perfect. They hang in little opportunities. And you know, opportunities come unannounced, only the prepared grab them.
In waiting for a perfect time, it’s very necessary we understand the times like the sons of Issachar
You shouldn’t always fix your gaze on the flamboyancy of the results of men, but pay attention to your little input.
No one grows by accident. Growth is deliberate with so many factors and responsibilities.
Do the farmers really have a perfect time they sow or harvest, I may ask?
They are cognizant of seasons, seed time and harvest. It’s more or less a cause and effect.
Are you currently at home? It’s a season. You’re currently working, or planing a new business, it’s a season. Season come and go but what you do with seasons matter a lot.
Jacob ran from Esau his brother, and landed in Laban’s house. He never allowed his past to persecute him but maximized his present season which developed into an appointed time.
You remember Moses, though he didn’t had a smooth ride, he believed in what he could do and trained himself for it.
He wasn’t lazy, but dutiful. He took care of Jethro’s flock, and this was where opportunity came to him.
No one wants to invest in an idle mind, or a lazy person. People who are ready to make a productive action grab opportunities.
I’m still proud of a brother, who worked without pay for a company for months just to gain an experience. Not long as expected, the company needed a staff, and he was the one that best fit for the job (with no much interview).
Opportunity comes to people of action.
While you wait for the perfect, have a perfect daily routine plans back up with actions.
The seemingly perfect time are times of full understanding of what you can do, there, you find grace.
If you will dare out grow the level you’re now, you become open to more opportunities.

Be responsible!

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