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Letter from a teacher from a public high school with very right and stoning final sentence.
I am not a victim of the Organic Education Act. I’m 69 years old and I’ve been lucky enough to study under good educational plans, above approved stats and political propaganda.
In kindergarten (that’s what it was called then what today is ′′ initial education ′′) I started studying with a card that I still remember perfectly:
The A for ′′ spider “, the E for ′′ elephant “, the I for ′′ church ′′ the O for ′′ eye ′′ and the U for ′′ nail “……
In elementary school we studied language, math, science..
In 6th elementary school, if in an exam you had a lack of spelling of the type of ′′ b instead of v ′′ or five accents faults, they lowered you and the note well down.
In high school, I studied History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Latin, Literature and Philosophy.
I read El Quixote and Lazarillo de Tormes; I read Colorado Spears, Dead Houses, Doña Barbara and others… But above all, I learned to speak and write correctly.
I learned to love our language, our history and our culture.
And… let’s go with Grammar:
In Spanish there are active participles as a derivative of verbal times.
The active participle of the verb attacking is ′′ attacker “;
The one out is ′′ outgoing “; singing is ′′ singer ′′ and the one is ′′ existing “.
Which one is the verb to be? It is ′′ entity “, which means ′′ the one who has identity “, ultimately ′′ the one who is “. Therefore, when we want to name the person who denotes the ability to exercise the action that expresses the verb, it is added to this the termination ′′ ente “.
Thus, the one who presides, is called ′′ president ′′ and never ′′ president “, regardless of the gender (male or female) of which he takes the action.
Similarly, it’s called ′′ burning chapel “, not ′′ burning “; it’s said ′′ student “, not ′′ student “; it’s said ′′ independent ′′ and not ′′ independent “; ′′ patient “, not ′′ patient “; ′′ leader “, not leadership “; ′′ resident “, not ′′ resident “.
And now, the question: do our politicians and many journalists (men and women, who men who exercise journalism are not ′′ journalists ′′), misuse the language for ideological reasons or ignorance of the Spanish language grammar? I think for the two reasons. In fact, I think ignorance leads them to apply ideological patterns and the same automatic application of those ideological patterns make them more ignorant (to them and their followers).
I propose that you pass the message to your friends and acquaintances, hoping that it will finally reach those ignorant semi-winded (not ′′ ignorant semi-winded “, even if they hold ministerial portfolios).
I’m sorry for having watered the party to a group of men who had partnered in defense of gender and who had signed a manifesto. Some of the signers were: * the dentist, the poet, the unionist, the pediatrician, the pianist, the golfist, the array, the funambulist, the projectist, the tourist, the contractor, the landscape, the taxist, the artist, the artist, the journalist, the taxidermist, the phone, the massage, the gasist, the trumpetist, the violinist, the machinist, the electrician, the oculist, the policeman of the corner and above all, the machisto!*

    Because it’s not the same having ′′ A PUBLIC CHARGE ′′ than being ′′ A PUBLIC CHARGE “.

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