Commedy: Nigerians are unique

We are Nigerians
-We call every toothpaste MACLEAN
We don’t care
-We call every noodle INDOMIE
We are like that
-We call every insecticide SHELLTOX
We can’t help it
-We call every detergent OMO
It’s in our DNA
-We point at an empty chair and ask “Who’s sitting there ”
We are like that
We are just like that
-When NEPA takes light, we go out and,check if it’s the whole
We are just like that
-We use a bar of soap till it looks like a Sim card
We don’t have a problem
-We buy something,skip Instructions & ask neighbors how it’s
We don’t care
-We withdraw money from an ATM then count it before going
We don’t trust anybody,,not even a machine that is made by man
-We lock the car then try to open it 2 times before going
We are courteous
-We turn off the volume just to smell what’s burning,
-We are like dat
-We can’t change, we are who we are.
-we are Nigeria….
I’m proud to be a NIGERIAN
Am still SKV the Ace Comedian

Published by Ernest I.

Sharing knowledge

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