Forsage-TRON is a smart contract that is built under Tron blockchain technology, which people join to accumulate tron, which can be traded for cash, and make lots of money through its activities.
We all saw how ethereum blessed thousands of people through FORSAGE-ETH before increasing in value and is still increasing
Now Nobody wants to make same mistake again of joining late, that’s why everyone is rushing into the new forsage platform which is cheaper than ever


👉🏼 THE Forsage X3 (referrals) and
👉🏼 THE Forsage X4(non referral)

THE FORSAGE X3 : This group is know as the referring group. This is where all your referring bonus goes too.
ALL bonuses for referring are credited on your X3 profit and NO MInimum or maximum referrals needed, as you can refer as little as 1 and make millions or refer as much as you want and make much more profits.
Forsage provided another alternative means to earn if you aren’t a fan of referring..
Which is forsage X4

THE FORSAGE X4 : This group is know as the investment group. Strictly for those that can’t refer this is where you get your profit for been a member of the system.

How you earn on Forsage without referring 👇🏼👇🏼
The system provide two ways for members to enjoy profit on the system via

👉🏼 spillover : bonuses from Uplines and downlines that have gotten enough profit and refusing to upgrade or open another level.. The system distribute this bonuses to X4 group.

👉🏼 Overflow : bonuses from your upliner when all his slots are full the remaining bonus goes down to his downlines.. This is a means the system use to reward those that can’t refer from there uplines effort for referring.

That’s is why the team you join is important it will speed up your spillover benefits and overflow bonuses
There’s no work to do in X4, All is needed for you to do is to keep opening levels

There are 12 levels in forsage
And what you earn in a level is enough to keep profits and open a Higher level

When you join you’re opening level 1 of both X3 and X4. Which means you can start earning with or without referrals.

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