Smart contract: Forsage and forsagetron

The ForsageTron Smart Contract is:

🦁 100% decentralized
🦁 The best Smart Contract in the market
🦁 Peer to peer system
🦁 Commissions instantly and directly to your wallet
🦁 Risk Free
🦁 Control your Business from your phone
🦁 100% Payments in Tron
🦁 Extremely LOW GAS FEES
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: The ForsageTron Smart Contract is a Decentralized platform to earn Tron(TRX) Cryptocurrency.

Decentralized?? Wow, what could that mean?

A Decentralized platform is a platform controlled by you and me. It’s not controlled by a single entity. It’s controlled by everyone on the platform.
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Hence, it can never ever crash

You may wonder why the likes of MMM and Giftalworld world crashes, right??

You’re not going to wait for days or weeks before you cashout. Nothing like that…

There are FIVE WAYS to earn on the ForsageTron Smart Contract.
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Before i tell you these five ways let me clear something up.

There is what we call Upliner and Downliner in the ForsageTron Smart Contract.

The Upliner is the person that Referred you to the platform.

The Downliner is the person You Referred to the platform.

Please take note of those two words….
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Back to this:

Five ways to earn from the ForsageTron Smart Contract

  1. You earn as Ethereum increases
  2. You earn as your Upliner refers another person
  3. You earn as you refer someone
  4. You earn as your Downliner refers someone
  5. You earn as you move up levels
    [8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: The benefits of join the ForsageTron Smart Contract:

You EARN A LOT……. Really really FAST

Why? This is because you’re one of the pioneers of this Smart Contract

Tell me what more do you want other than to earn cool cash?? 😉
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: This is how our ForsageTron Team works

The team members are the ones that would struggle for Referrals. Before a team member joins us, we give out a specific ID to him/her and they get three Referrals when they join as they’d be put inside a highly structured team.

Everyone works as a team here, everyone including the members works to get referrals for the last team member without a referral.


This way, the team grows fast and everyone earns a large amount of profit .

Now the real question is, Do you want to miss this opportunity again?
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: 🚀🚀
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: The longe awaited question will be how much is this registration fee?
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Forsage as we all know is 0.07ETH/NGN14,000 to register

But the forsage-tron
This time around is 705TRX /NGN7,500 to join
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: The good part is that this forsage tron is built under tron blockchain technology

So its risk free
And transanctions are faster

Also you can convert your ethereum to tron
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: And you can also convert tron back to ethereum easily
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: So if you want to join
And you have up to 0.04eth in your wallet,
You’re good to go🌚
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Dm lets get started
[8/12, 7:31 PM] Chizy Bida: Registration fee = 705 TRX
Which costs NGN7,500 ($14)
And you can also convert your ethereum to 705TRX
Just 0.04eth will be enough
[8/12, 7:40 PM] Chizy Bida: Only 10,000 people have joined forsage-tron

850,000 people have joined forsage-eth (and they’re all moving to forsage-tron now) gradually

Join now before 10,00 people
Turns to 850,000 people in forsage-tron
[8/12, 7:40 PM] Chizy Bida: Dont always be a late comer

7,500 can yield you what people paid 14,000 to get

And dey also work the same ways…

Life no just balance 😂🚀

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