Mix 6 Bitter kola, 6 Garlic, 5 Ginger together to Treat these Diseases

Bitter kola, ginger, garlic contains vitamins, antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory that makes them very unique.they help treat diseases that are mentioned in its health benefits here.

How to obtain the natural healing powers of bitter kola, ginger and garlic and the results by following these procedures.

Blend 6 bitter kolas, 6 pieces of garlic, 5 pieces of ginger. After it has completely blended, pour two cups of water (use a small cup not a mug) to filter out the residues in the liquid, pour in any bottle container that you have available nd drink twice daily, morning and evening, 30 minutes before or after the meal, you can make a larger quantity if you want to.

Health benefits of blended juice for women

1. It treats women with ovarian cysts disease

2. It treats women with fibroid at the beginning stage

3. It treats blocked tubes

4.It helps relieves pain from women who go through painful periods.

Health benefits of blended juice for men

1.it improves men’s performance in bed and it can also boost potency

2.It turns a boy into a man in bed, it restores the lost strength to men of a certain age.

3.It also stimulates appetite for making love in men.

Diseases that can be treated using these juice.

1. It treats blood diseases in the body, for example ,the sickle cell disease

2. It helps reduce blood pressure

3. It helps boost the immune system of the body to fight against infections

4.it helps prevent cancer

5. It helps regulate the blood sugar level

6.it helps treat diabetes.

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