Know your fundamental human rights

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Today many people don’t know their fundamental human rights, and they end up being victimized and bullied because of their ignorance. As it is contained in article1 of the protocol one of international human rights, the members states agreed to defend to fundamental human rights of their citizens of which your state is included. There are many protocols and articles that support and defend your human rights as enlisted by International Human Rights Commission. As law abiding citizen you need to understand them so as to know when someone or people or state infringe your human rights.

You have so many rights such as the right to life, expression, movements, etc. If I begin to unleash them, it will amaze you that many people have encouraged into your fundamental human rights. May in my subsequent article on this I hint you more on this so that you get to know you have much rights enshrined in International Human Right protocols.

Now in a court of law, when someone deliberately accuse of a crime you did not commit, probably there is legal entanglement when you say no, then the best answer to say is ‘no idea’, with this you are legally free from any court decision.

Their compatriots to be afraid to approach any court of competent jurisdiction, whenever your fundamental human right is infringed.

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