Coronavirus: A U.S based Nigerian doctor suffers injustice.

Dr. Stella Emmanuel

A medical doctor, Stella Emmanuel enlightens people that coronavirus virus can be treated with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin is given harsh treatment by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For her social media accounts to be deleted simple because she said that coronavirus has a cure is a gross violation of human right.

The medical doctor gave an explicit explanation with a vivid instances, but instead to be applauded and encouraged to apply her wealth of experience in treatment of numerous of people with COVID-19, she was relegated and misunderstood. We are in the world that some people believe that the solution of a problem facing the world should not come from Africa, that is the mentality that some people are carrying about forgetting that civilization started in Africa.

In an open society where respect for human right is the order of the day, no body would like to witness the harsh treatment meted Dr. Stella Emmanuel. The social media platforms that partake in the dastard acts should know that we are not living in a closed society, where there is no respect for fundamental human right.

The European Union Convention on Human Right in 1956, American Convention of Human Right in 1979 and African Convention on Human and People’s Right in 2006 support freedom of expression. I suggest that Dr. Stella Emmanuel should sui all the social media that deleted her social media accounts to International Human Right Court to seek for justice.

The people that deleted her social media accounts are they medically inclined?

The answer is no, most of them studied courses that do not in anyway related to medicine or studies on viruses. Those who are of the view that she misinformed the general public, have they carried out clinical research to ascertain the authenticity of her assertion before criticising her?

Imagine an expect proffer solution to coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the world instead to be encouraged but was humiliated. This thing must stop, it is against humanity and social justice to maltreat some body because of her race, religion, faith etc.

We are in a civilized and open society where everyone is accommodated and individual’s right respected. Many people are using social media to promote indecent behavior yet they have not been victimized but a professional doctor, Stella Emmanuel was victimized by social media management because she proffer solution to coronavirus.

What a shameful act!

What is your opinion on this topic?

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