Imagine in this period of coronavirus pandemic the minister of humanitarian is planning to exit over 500000 youths from work force. The disengagement plan of 500000 npower volunteers will definately spell doom to the entire country.

Other countries in the world, have shown concern to its timing young citizens. For example when coronavirus was wrecking havoc in Italy, the older ones advised government to show more concern to the younger ones in order to save their lives. Countries like U.S.A, UK, China, Rushia render social services to their citizens to ease their suffering as a result of lockdown.

But in Nigeria 500000 youths will be disengaged from their duty posts, schools are lockedown.

Whatever is the plan behind this, is best known to them.

My advice is that youths should be considered in every project they are about to carry out. Government should absorbed those that lost their means of lively hood during coronavirus pandemic. Government should not relieve anybody of his or her job without any substitute.

This is a period that calls for sober reflection, it is not a time to play politics. Government should not play politics with the destinies of her youths.

I wonder why government think that the money spent on npower is much that they cannot continue to fund.

The cost of governance is too much, government should reduce the amount of money spent on legislative and servicing of the executive arms of government.

Anybody that think npower beneficiaries have over stayed and should be disengaged is not patriotic. That person is selfish and insincere.

Imagine 500,000 youths going back to the streets in this critical time.

Whoever that thinks disengagement of 500,000 npower volunteers is best at this period of coronavirus pandemic should resign from his or her duty post and feel how npower beneficiaries will feel when they are disengaged.

What is your opinion on the npower disengagement?

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